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We livin' it

If u could read my mind u'd say "hey!u're right.." n i don't wanna bother anymore..u're usually righter than i am..n i'm not a very good person,am i?well neither r u..

So let's be through with this one..

Cause some things never change,i know..n we all know,we all still the same human being..we all makes matter what level that we's not wrong 4 us to b proud of what we's also not a sin 4 us to stand up for what we believed..don't b shy..there's nothing wrong with ur face..neither do ur outfits..rise up ur head..look at them in eyes..give'em a big smile..

How can u b so calm when the truth is sometimes living in the eye of a storm?with everything going on around us..ur friends stabing a knife behind ur back,ur girl is only thinking about her feelings,ur work sucks n ur pockets r empty..well,we always feel comfort in the sounds,when someone that's close to us say "hey,don't worry..our life's l…