Friday, July 22, 2011

We livin' it

If u could read my mind u'd say "hey!u're right.." n i don't wanna bother anymore..u're usually righter than i am..n i'm not a very good person,am i?well neither r u..

So let's be through with this one..

Cause some things never change,i know..n we all know,we all still the same human being..we all makes matter what level that we's not wrong 4 us to b proud of what we's also not a sin 4 us to stand up for what we believed..don't b shy..there's nothing wrong with ur face..neither do ur outfits..rise up ur head..look at them in eyes..give'em a big smile..

How can u b so calm when the truth is sometimes living in the eye of a storm?with everything going on around us..ur friends stabing a knife behind ur back,ur girl is only thinking about her feelings,ur work sucks n ur pockets r empty..well,we always feel comfort in the sounds,when someone that's close to us say "hey,don't worry..our life's like a roller,sometime we up n sometime we'll be ok soon.." come to think about it,it seem like we're going no where..what's the point of all our efforts if we r walking in a circle?we're still lost in this jungle of hate,jealousy n curroptions..

So,what's the purpose of our life?what's the purpose of our feelings?what's the purpose of our mind?if it doesn't have to do with learning to let it more hate,no more jealousy,no more corruptions..just live vicariously through each n every singgle of's the least we can do..just always keep it in our mind,we all live in the same rounded planet..there's no where to go n no where to hide,we r walking in a,why on earth that we all can still get lost..?

Well..if it's trouble,it'll travels faster n it'll be remembered for the rest of our lifes..couse it's the most fun thing to do..talking about other people's false..making stories,bad stories about the people that we hate the most,or maybe to cover up our weakness..well,sometimes we'll use it to impressed girls or it really works?sometimes it is..sometimes we're so deep into it until we forget that we are not much diffrent than the person that we were talking about..or maybe,what is the use of a mirror if it's just hang on the wall..?

But,where do we go if we no longer walk in that circle?who needs to see what we've done?think about it..

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